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Default Dedicated Security Scanning for Premium Passengers

Never thought is would happened but I was in T3 recently boarding in Gate A2 and noticed that they now have a dedicated security screening lane for J and F Pax (think PPS too)

Gate A1-A8 is a shared concourse and has a common security before the gates - I think this concourse is pretty much SQ only so this could be an SQ initiative.

Never noticed it on other gates though. Well at least this does put Changi and SQ on par with other locations with Fast Track lanes
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I think SQ has had a harder time implementing special lanes for premium travelers due to Changi's distributed security. But it's great in airports like LHR, though one has to always be aware that the non-premium lanes can be much faster at times. It's quite funny sometimes when I see the F and J pax sticking to the slower "special" line when the other lines for the cattle class is shorter and faster.
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I did notice the same thing a month ago heading to HK from an A1-8 gate, but the queue was a little shorter than the normal queue.

I had been standing in the queue 5-10min when security started should our *Gold on top of the F/J/PPS mentioned on the actual poster for who is "allowed" but by the time they got around to mentioning *Gold I had reached the same length of queue anyway. I look at it also, everybody is heading to the same flight (only one that morning) and the plane won't leave, so stand in the queue or sit in a chair, all pretty much the same in the end - if it was reducing my lounge/drinking time with centralised security THEN I would have something to actually complain about. Having said that, it was an 8:30am flight to HKG so my drinking time was already limited.
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They have this at the A1-A8 and B1-B4 common gate hold rooms for now. But they only "activate" the premium lanes twice a day. Once for the morning bank of departures and once for the evening bank of departures.
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