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About 10 years ago, I was bused from an SQ 744 arriving from CDG. I was flying First and while the crew barred Y pax and allowed F pax off first, the bus didn't leave until it was nicely jammed packed with as many people as possible. Together with the then bmi lounge at CDG, it reinforced the fact that SQ is good in the air, but poor on the ground...
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We had B4 then B3 for Sunday mornings SQ52. Better than C20 for sure.

Originally Posted by MAN Flyer View Post
I have never had a remote bay arrival or departure at Changi, thankfully. What gates are used for those then ?
To answer my own question, and as it is now clearly stated on the banner at the entrance to the SKL, the remote gates are A6, A7 and C2. They claim to try and make sure that any flight with FCL doesn't get a remote gate, but as the post above by kt74 shows, that has certainly not always been the case.
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Remote gates at T3 are A6, A7, A8. The actual aircraft would be located at the new remote bays at the southern end of the airport, which is some distance away.

There are a total of 5 MARS bays at terminal 2. Aircrafts are usually towed away to remote bays if they have a ground time of more than 4 to 5 hours during peak periods. Only the A380s are an exception to this as they have limited bays. As narrowbody bays are almost empty after 12 at T4, MI and TR narrowbodies are towed there.

Hopefully, the situation should improve once TR migrates to T1 by the end of this year. This should give an opportunity for CAG to move some airlines from T3 to T2 to free up space there.
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Originally Posted by boing View Post
There are a total of 5 MARS bays at terminal 2.
There are 6 actually.


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