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Default Air Astana Runway Excursion on 22 May 2018

Air Astana A320 in Kazakhstan yesterday...looks like they went "off-road" for a while after landing in very poor/windy conditions, before somehow getting back onto the runway.


On PPRuNe, one contributor's very apt comment: "Please do not applaud the landing until the aircraft has come to a complete stop"...

According to AVHerald, the plane "...went right off the runway temporarily, crossed taxiways B and C and returned onto the center line of the runway"...How did the pilot ever get the aircraft back onto the centerline?

Thankfully no injuries.

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TSE only has one runway and there's nowhere nearby to divert. Having seen how quickly strong wind and storms can appear out of nowhere, I'm not surprised, but pleased my landing there in an A320 was very smooth.
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