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Originally Posted by Not You View Post
Scoot Airbus Fleet (Updated 08OCT18)

Airbus A319

In Service: 2
Seating: 144Y

- 9V-TRA Hybrid Tigerair-Scoot c/s
- 9V-TRB Hybrid Tigerair-Scoot c/s

Airbus A320

In Service: 24
Seating: 180Y

- 9V-TAN Scoot c/s (31MAR18) Nomo Fomo
- 9V-TAO Scoot c/s (17FEB18) Sunny Side Up
- 9V-TAQ Scoot c/s (11AUG17) Shiok Lah!
- 9V-TAS Scoot c/s (03MAY17) Luna
- 9V-TAU Scoot c/s (23NOV17) Sunshine Paradise
- 9V-TAV Scoot c/s (07DEC17) Flying Banana
- 9V-TAX Scoot c/s (09NOV17) Pineapple Express
- 9V-TAZ Scoot c/s (23JUL17) Ki Jiak Hong
- 9V-TJR Scoot c/s (26SEP17) Have A Scoot One
- 9V-TRC Scoot c/s (11DEC17) 宝贝
- 9V-TRD Scoot c/s (14SEP17) Felix
- 9V-TRE Scoot c/s (21JAN18) Yellow Tail
- 9V-TRH Scoot c/s (23APR18) Jane
- 9V-TRI Scoot c/s (05FEB18) Speedy
- 9V-TRK Scoot c/s (26JUL18) Scooting Star
- 9V-TRL Tigerair c/s
- 9V-TRM Scoot c/s (07SEP17) So Far So Scoot
- 9V-TRN Scoot c/s (22JUL17) Conscious Coupling
- 9V-TRO Scoot c/s (17JUL18) Escape The Ordinary
- 9V-TRP Scoot c/s (12JUL18) Tango Romeo Papa
- 9V-TRQ Scoot c/s (06AUG18) Gado Go
- 9V-TRR Scoot c/s (01MAY18) Berscootu
- 9V-TRW Scoot c/s (02JUN18) Bayanihan
- 9V-TRX Hybrid Tigerair-Scoot c/s (03AUG17)

Airbus A320NEO

In Service: 1
On Order: 38
Seating: 186Y

- 9V-TNA Scoot c/s (07OCT18) Chapati Party
9V-TRS is back from lease to Indigo. That brings Scoot's A320 fleet up to 25 aircrafts.
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