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Originally Posted by Unionruler View Post
How was that experience? Was there anywhere to sleep in FRA, like a row of benches or something?
There are several excellent hotels within the terminal.
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Originally Posted by SQ228 View Post
That is a tricky one. I'll let others who know more cover some other aspects of it but can provide some information on:
1. Tagging the checked luggage through will depend upon whether SQ has an agreement with FRA to perform such an operation. If it were SIN, it would not be a problem but it usually is at other ports.
2. No lounge use on arrival, period. Lounges are for departures only and at FRA it is located on the departures level after immigration anyway. On arrival you will be moving out through passport control as you are leaving the airport. You won't regain access to departures until you go back through immigration for SQ325.

Good luck!
Originally Posted by MEL-World View Post
If you are travelling on the one ticket showing JFK-FRA-SIN with LESS than 24 hours in FRA, you are only in transit (even if you leave the airport), so your bags will almost definitely be tagged directly to SIN and you will get two boarding passes at JFK, one for each flight.

If on separate tickets but both with SQ, the same should apply but sometimes the agents checking you in at JFK will only accept the first leg so you would have to claim the bag at FRA and check in again. There is plenty of luggage storage options at FRA or at the adjoining railway station.
Thank you SQ228 and MEL-World for the advice! Will try to tag my bags directly to SIN and am looking forward to a great flight this December!
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Originally Posted by Unionruler View Post
How was that experience? Was there anywhere to sleep in FRA, like a row of benches or something?
I walked about 10 mins to Hilton for 98 euros a night. Nice hotel.
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I took SQ25/ SQ325 back in July from JFK to Singapore in Economy Class.
1. I was able to through-check my baggage all the way from JFK to Singapore, and it went through successfully (went in to SQ25 in JFK and appeared on the SQ325 baggage carousel in Changi)
2. I was given 2 seperate boarding passes at JFK, and 2 different seats for each leg of the flight.
3. I did not have access to my baggage at Frankfurt, recommend you pack a change of clothes in your hand-carry.
4. The entire check-in process was done at JFK, it is just a long layover in Frankfurt. I was able to leave the airport for 12 hours or so, and come back in later on. I did not have to redo any check-in at Frankfurt, just show my boarding pass and pass through immigration.
5. I cannot advise on lounge as I took the flight in Economy, but I would guess you may be able to use it departing Frankfurt, but not arriving.
The layover time is quite nice- you reach Frankfurt in the morning and depart in the evening, giving you the whole day to go into town. Its not far, just a short train ride away.

Originally Posted by SQ-77W View Post
I'll be flying J on SQ25 from JFK-FRA and SQ325 from FRA-SIN this December, making a short stop in Frankfurt in between those flights.

Will I be able to tag my baggage at JFK all the way to Singapore, where it will be offloaded SQ25 in FRA and loaded onto SQ325 for it to appear on the SQ325 baggage carousel in Changi?

Will I be issued 2 separate tickets at JFK or must I do another check-in at FRA for the evening SQ325 flight?

Am I permitted to use the lounge upon arrival in FRA before leaving for city in the morning of the arrival of SQ25 from JFK?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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