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Default TPE Airport Guide

The airport’s website:

Customs and Immigration formalities.
Do I need to fill out any forms? Immigration, Customs and Sars
How do I get through quicker? If holding non-Taiwan passport, queue closest to Taiwan passport line and when its empty, immigration staff will usually wave you to go over

Luggage reclaim :
Do priority tags work? Is it quick or slow? They work. Most times, you have to wait a couple of mins for the bags to come

Transport to Town tips – what’s the best way? Bus or Taxi, Taxis have 50% surcharge when departing from airport. They have designated taxi queues with a controller directing you to the taxi depending on destination.
There are some taxi touts also, BEWARE

Are there any left luggage services? Where and how much?
T1: Departure lobby on 1st floor, opens 0630 to 2300
T2: Arrival lobby south side, opens 0630 to 2300
Also Bonded Baggage Service at both terminals

Are there airport hotels? Are they airside? Are they within the compound?
Evergreen Transit hotel located Airside at T2
Important Note: Only available if incoming and departing flights are BOTH international. NOT AVAILABLE if arrival International and departure Domestic or Vice-Versa.

Things to avoid:
T1 as its rather old. Not much choice if you're on the airlines that goes into T1

Other general tips

Best way to get back to the airport from town. How much will it cost?
Taxi or bus. From Taipei downtown NT800 for Taxi, NT120 for bus

Which terminal? Who flies out from where?
G6, CI (Asia Flights), NX, EF, MH, CO, CX, TG, BL, 3K, NW, VN, AE, PR, GP, KE, GE
SQ, BR, UA, QF, B7, EG, CI (Others), KL, OZ, KA, EL, NZ

Who has lounges here, and which one can I use?
SKL available at T2. Its the main *A lounge. T2 also has BR's lounge
T1 has CI, CX.....

I’ve got access to more than one lounge, which one’s the best?

What sort of food is available in the concourse areas?
Primarily Asian food, a lot of noodles

Any immigration forms on departure?
Part of your arrival form, the yellow copy. Its usually stapled in your passport at arrival immigration

Any airport tax to be paid on departure?
No, included in tix

Is there free internet around somewhere?

Any food or shopping that I shouldn’t miss before my flight?
Beef noodles. T2 has a small section of the national museum displays after security/passport

How strict are they with hand luggage here?
Not so

Security – Laptops out? Shoes off? Tips? Any No-Liquid restrictions?
Laptops in, shoes optional

Can I smoke in this airport? Where?

Anything I should avoid?

Other general tips

Connecting through here:
Are the international terminals and domestic terminals in the same building? How do I get around?
Only TPE-KHH vv. domestic flights are available from TPE and tix must be issued in conjunction with international tix. BR departs from T2, CI from T1. You can transfer between terminals on their monorail
All others domestic flights are from Taipei domestic airport TSA located downtown. 1.5hr drive by bus transfer. Cost=Approx NT120.

Will I need to clear CIQ before going on to my next international or domestic flight?
Int - No
Dom - No if on ticketed TPE-KHH connection from TPE. CIQ at KHH
- Yes, if on any other domestic connection from TSA.

Other general tips
There's an aviation museum just off the airport

Overnighting at this airport:
Is it possible? Does the terminal close?

Which lounge can I overnight in? Can I sleep in the concourse?

General commentary on this airport:

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Default Observation deck available at TPE ?

Didn't think there is one, but if there is, would love to know about it. Rest of this airport is rather boring and bad plane spotting as well.
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I had fun reading the post as well as learn of different informations.I dont go out of town always but its nice to know all those facts.Thanks for having it here.

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Just a small mmigration form (without any scary wording in red at the bottom ) to complete on arrival today.
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Default Iíve got access to more than one lounge, which oneís the best?

I checked out the BR and SQ lounges (F section is supposed to be closed at the end of the year -- so the Lounge Dragon told me). Definitely go with SKL.
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