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Default Hyatt to end the 'Premium Wifi' scam and provide free Wifi throughout

Diamond and Platinum HGP members will no longer be charged for 'Premium' Wifi and anyone staying at a Hyatt will no longer be charged.

They were never going to get away with this 'Premium' scam for long. I had an rather interesting discussion about this with the staff in the club lounge at the ICN Hyatt earlier this month, that resulted in the charge for 'Premium' being removed:

Starting February 14, 2015, elite members will now enjoy a complimentary upgrade to premium Wi-Fi service in guestrooms and public spaces at Hyatt hotels worldwide where available.
Of course the debate about the speeds available in the first place will continue.
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I also always found the "Premium" thing to be weird. However, I'm usually told to, "…just charge wi-fi to your room and we'll remove the charge." I always selected "Premium" and it's always been removed without question.
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I'm usually afraid to pick premium as I don't want checkout to be a hassle.

However, IME Marriott makes it very clear at the bottom of the page where you pick standard or premium (but you must scroll down to see the information) which tier elites (IIRC Gold and Platinum) get the premium for free.
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