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Default No longer able to upgrade from Standard Premium Economy to Business?

Hi Everyone,

My sincere apologies in advance if I have missed something.

Over the past year, for six different flights, I have bought a Premium Economy Standard fare and upgraded to Business using points. I note that Premium Economy Lite fares were not eligible for upgrades and that my last upgrade was done in January.

Upon stupidly purchasing the same for a flight now from Sydney - Rome - Sydney (buying Premium Economy Standard), I was told that Premium Economy Standard fares are no longer eligible for upgrade and that I must purchase a Premium Economy Flexi fare only.

I'm furious (at both my stupidity for assuming the process was the same as a couple of months back and at SQ's new policy). That would mean I must purchase a $4,000AUD Flexi Premium Economy ticket just to upgrade!

Anyway, I just wanted to write this rant so that others can be aware, in case other people didn't know also.

Luckily a few months ago, I started changing my long-term loyalty away from Singapore Airlines (who I've been gradually losing patience with over the last few years for various reasons). This new change, for me, pushed me over the line.

I wish you all a great week
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Sorry to hear that.

So far, I did a quick search on SQ website and it still shows that Premium Econ Standard Fare (which is issued in booking class "P") is eligible for miles upgrade using SIA KrisFlyer miles.


Did you clarify with SIA on this, given that this is the understanding given with the migration to the new fare type?

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More info above in the PDF file. Page 5 shows the upgrade chart for 'One-way Premium Economy Standard to Business Class Upgrade
Premium Economy Standard includes booking class P'
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