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Default ex CMB F trip. (CHEAP!!! )

This trip report will start with a purely non-pictorial description of the trip and then when I have time, I will put the pictures up.

As CGK and I were spending a week in Sri Lanka, we decided to buy an ex-CMB ticket. Of course, given the famously inexpensive fares that exist ex-CMB we could not resist getting F tickets.
We went to the ticket office the day before departure and we had to line up for quite some while... The troubles with this particular ticket office was that there was no separate line for F and J vs for Y purchases. And there is no air-conditioning either.
Anyway, we patiently waited for our turn, standing in line (no number system so you have to just stand in line).
Once at the ticket desk, we asked if there were seats available for the 3pm CMB-KDW on the next day in F.
There were and so was the return trip, 3 days later. We selected our seats to be in the first row.
The agent hand-wrote the tickets and I must say he was pretty efficient. We then paid the 1200LKR total and went on our way with paper tickets in hand (CMB, as you may know, is still not e-ticket capable).
Boarding was a breeze. F has its own door and J and Y have their own. That was really nice. When I got to my seat, there was a lady sitting in it. She asked if it was our seat and I told her yes. She politely said that she had moved there just hoping those seats would be empty and then she went back to her own seat in row 4.
Take off was on time and we left at 3:03pm. i am not going to complain about 3 minute delay and besides, maybe it was my watch that was not correctly set.
The only drink we had before take off was water. And CGK seems to have heard a question whether we wanted to have some Krug. But then turbulence hit and service was interrupted. In fact it was so bad at times that CGK compared it to riding a buffalo! I did not know he had done such a thing, but who am I to doubt?
The cabin was a bit stuffy. There was too much sun coming through the window and the air flow was strangely pulsating. Also the seats do not recline much and next time, I am not sure I would get in the first row as they are bulkhead and a bit too close to the wall for my personal taste. In fact, despite the turbulence, I moved for a while to row 5 before going back to my original seat assignment for the arrival.
Not the most comfortable of situation. We did arrive safely in KDW however and overall were happy to have done it.

On the return however, we made alternate arrangements and did not even seek refund for the unused tickets.

If anybody wants to travel this route in the future, don't hesitate to contact CGK or myself for information.

Pictures to come soon.
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