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Default SQ/IC Trip Report Part 1:SIN-MAA

Hi guys! My first post here!

My family has planned on this trip, one month before we were scheduled to leave for India to meet my grandparents. This reunion has been and annual event, since I was very young.

Date: 10 December 2006
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Origin: Singapore Changi International Airport
Terminal: 2
Gate Number: F56
Flight Number: SQ528
Aircraft: Boeing 777-312
Registration Number: 9V-SYE
Class: Economy Class(Y)
Seat: 48D
Departure Runway: 02R
Scheduled Departure Time: 2035
Actual Departure Time: 2055
Destination: Chennai Airport
Arrival Runway: 7
Arrival Terminal: Anna International Terminal
Arrival Gate: 3
Scheduled Arrival Time: 0030
Actual Arrival Time: 0040

On the way, to the airport.

The departures board. Can you squint and spot SQ528?

A busy and clean T2!

After taking this shot, we proceeded to Check-in row 6, to get our bags tagged and checked in. We had already done Internet Check-in to choose our seats. The check-in staff was very friendly, and started a conversation with my dad. Then a lady, rushed up to him and said that she was heading to Jakarta on SQ162, but the flight's gate was closing. She said she can run to catch the plane. But, the agent denied, saying that he does'nt doubt her ability to run. But, in the end she was put to a later flight. Wonder if she missed an A340-500 flight? :?: .

This trip was different from my previous ones. There was the abscence of one thing. My relatives. Usually, they will stay around till the gate was open, then bid us farewell. But, since they themselves departed to India, the day before, we were free to do what we wanted. We, decided to go over to McDonald's and have a meal. Then we went, back to the departure hall and passed immigration. So, now I can go to the Sunflower Garden to grab some shots of planes, since there is still a bit of light! WRONG! We spent the rest of time at the Duty Free shops, looking for a watch for my sister! Bummer!

The time was 2000. We went inside the holding room and sat down, filling an immigration form, that we are supposed to hand in upon arrival at Chennai, while I wandered over to the glass windows to see which 777-300, would be serving us and found out that it would be Yankee Echo! Okay, I was'nt as excited as the first time, I flew her.. Well, back to the report! Boarding commenced at 2025, with First, Raffles or should I say Business :roll: and passengers travelling with young children to board first. Okay, FAST FORWARD! It was our time to board soon, and I settled into my seat 48D. I noticed that on the headrests the Economy class logo's were missing and replaced with the Golden pigeon. Well, it was blue actually.

We pushbacked from the gate, and started a bumpy taxi to 02R. The whole plane was shaky! Is the tarmac uneven or something? We wasted no time and lined up on the runway, and started rolling down the runway almost immediately. At 2055, the wheels left the runway and we were on our way!

After the seatbelt sign was switched off, cabin service began. We got our hot towels.(Finally! I was expecting this before departure) Maybe, they had no time? The stewardesses came around giving headphones, and menu cards.

I had ordered Muslim meal, so the stewardess put a sticker on my seat.

Then, the cabin crew gave out snacks.

9V-SGE must already have this in his collection.(Sorry, the cabin was shaky)

Our meal for this flight. Not so satisfactory. I will rate it 6/10.

After clearing the tray tables, I requested for apple juice, which was given to me, with all smiles. I browsed the Krishop magazine, looking at all the plane models for sale. There was nothing interesting to watch on Krisworld. So, I switched it to the "Flight Path" and reclined my seat, to sleep. I had slept for more than an hour, and when I woke up, I saw this on my screen.

We are nearing Chennai!

So, I slept for a bit more, until a stewardess woke me up saying, "Sir, we are landing shortly, please put your seat upright, thank you." I am a sir, eh? I could hear the flaps/gears in motion, while we were on approach. We touched down, and the reverse thrust/spoilers went into action. But, I could'nt see the outside clearly, since mine is not window seat. We taxied to Gate 3, and even before we stopped, people rose up to collect their bags at the overhead bins. Some people are so wierd, they want to be the first to board the aircraft, and also the first to leave. :roll:

After exiting the aircraft, we headed over to immigration, which was such a pain! The long queues, the mosquitoes, the grouchy officers and staffs. Chennai Airport is one of the worst airport to transfer and have a layover at. After 30 minutes of waiting, we were cleared through immigration, and went over to a hotel booking booth, just at the airport. We were staying at Ramada Hotel, Raj Park. We had to wait for the hotel car to come and pick us up. 10 minutes later, our Toyota Qualis came and we loaded our luggage in it.(Oh yeah, and speaking of luggage, it took a very long time for ours to come.) I sat at the front, and we were cruising through the roads of Chennai. Then, I heard sound of a jet plane and looked up to see 9V-SYE, taking-off as SQ529, back to Singapore. And within minutes, I was lying down at my hotel room bed...

Next part of trip report: SQ/IC Trip Report Part 2: MAA-TRV

Hope, I did'nt bore you guys with my trip report. Suggestions & comments welcome!

P.S: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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Thanks for sharing the TR with us, 9V-SPL.
Welcome to SQTalk and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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Great trip report! Thank you and welcome to SQT.
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Many Thanks for sharing 9V-SPL and of course welcome to SQTalk!

My my....we have a few 9V-.... around now :-)
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Thanks for your warm welcome, guys.
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dear 9V-SPL

tell us about the loads on flight, the share of connecting pax from lax, sfo, aus, nz ...

i've heard sin-maa-sin is'nt one of sq's better flights due to the number of ethnic pax. the crews have always told me they prefer doing the sin-blr-sin runs as the pax profile is better than the noisy ones out of maa!

all comments welcome !
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