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Default [SIN T2+T3] Questions regarding showers at SKL

Hello SQTalk!

First time posters from Germany here... Our upcoming honeymoon will take us to Singapore and Brisbane. We also chose Business Class for the first time, and as far as we understand, this will grant us access to the SilverKris lounges for the two departures from SIN (SQ to BNE, I guess from T3; and on LH back to MUC, probably T2). Since both flights will depart from Changi in the evening (21:15, 23:55), it would be a great benefit if we could take a shower prior to the flights.

Well... first time lounge visitors as well... We have a couple of questions regarding the showers:
  • Do we have to make a reservation for a time slot in advance, or do we just show up at the front desk and ask for access to the shower rooms?
  • Is the access time-restricted, like, 15 mins per guest etc.?
  • How early should we arrive to allow for waiting times for the showers in the evening?
  • Can we - at least with some certainty - plan that we will indeed get the opportunity to take a shower, or would we have to hope for good luck to secure a time slot?
  • Are soap/shampoo, towels and a hairdryer provided, or do we need to bring our own?

Thank you for your insights and tips!
Mr and soon-to-be-Mrs nabla
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