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Default [BKK] Turkish Airlines Lounge

Living up to its reputation as a *A hub, our dear Suvarnabhumi has received a new addition to its lounge lineup. The TK lounge, which opened earlier this year, is conveniently located near D8 — well within reach of SQ loyalists.

Being a standard *G lounge, regular admission rules apply. PP is also accepted here.

It's right across the JL Sakura and around the corner from the BR lounge.

An A330 model sits stop the front desk where you're greeted by the friendly lounge staff. Non-TK boarding passes are scanned and photocopied here.

First impressions: it's a bright and pleasant-looking place with colour tones that are easy on the eye.

Some comfy swivel armchairs by the windows give you the choice of looking out towards the bustling arrival pickup area or sit face-to-face with a companion. They're also the closest thing this place has to a dining-friendly seats.

There were three locally-inspired hot items on offer, in addition to rice and congee.

A modest selection of finger food, dessert and salad sits on the other side of the counter.

The most unique feature of this lounge: the Turkish pizza station, which opens around 11am.

It comes with a decent variety of accompaniments and sauces.

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The beverage selection is to the left of the pizza station, which also comes with Turkish tea and tea cups.

Meanwhile, a manned bar is available nearby. The selection isn't particularly impressive, and the protruding wires of the TV really ruin the vibe.

For last-minute business needs, a business centre is located to the left near the bathrooms.

I stepped off a dreadful redeye which was TG-ed to a 773, and I was really looking forward to freshening up. Thankfully, this lounge does have a shower room that's located within the men's room. I can only assume the ladies' has one too.

Amenities are by Euphoria Collection, though I can't say I've heard of this brand before this. They didn't include shower gel, which would be an issue as I'll explain in a bit.

The shower itself is a straightforward experience. No fancy showerheads that spray from three different directions, just a run-of-the-mill shower with an external water heater.

As far as *A showers go in BKK, this is probably the worst despite being the newest. The shower room is on the small side, there's no attached toilet (SKL Changi style), there wasn't any shower gel available as the dispensers were empty, the ceiling is quite low which might be a problem if you're above 6ft, the shower screen doesn't close properly making floods inevitable, and the only place to open your carry-on is on the floor.

On the way out, I spotted a quiet area which might be useful for those trying to get some shut eye in between flights. It might not be a flat surface that the TG lounge offers, but it's certainly much quieter and darker.

Overall, this lounge is a nice addition to the *A family in BKK. It's quiet in the day as the TK flights only depart in the evening, and might make for a more peaceful experience compared to the TG/SQ/BR lounges. Catering isn't its strong suit, and you'd be much better off taking a shower elsewhere, but for those seeking a quiet place to relax in for an hour or so, this place is a worth a visit.
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