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Default Windows 10?

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I use Windows 10 but a sole user.

Thinking about it - shouldn't it require a log in anyhow? I can't actually force it to ignore any security requirements for a password etc. - so an auto login sounds a bit wrong no?
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Too little info to diagnose.

1) Is every account set up on the PC password controlled? If not, do it.
2) Does all the accounts have administrator rights? Limit it to one or two.
3) How did you log off? Power off? Random question just to make 3.
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I have two accounts on the PC, each requiring a password though one is "Standard User" and the other "Administrator"......not sure that makes a difference though.

On start-up, after the Lock Screen, it is the log-in screen that appears, asking for the password of the last user with each account listed lower left. I believe CM is correct in that an account without a password would bypass this stage if it was the last one used.

It works exactly the same as my previous Win8.1 and Win7, just looks different.
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Control panel, User account, Make changes to my account in PC settings, That should bring up a new menu, take the sign in option path.

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