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Added the A321-100 to the list yesterday.
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Mine will be boring cos parents can't afford to bring me anywhere that requires a plane ride. It's only when in army and started working my flight adventure begins.
B757-200 (SQ)
B744 (CI, SQ, CX, BA)
B767 (qantas)
B737-400 (BA, MH)
A300 (TG)
A310 (SQ)
A330 (MH, SQ, CX)
B772 (SQ, UA, CX)
B773 (SQ, CX)
B77W (SQ)
A380 (SQ)
A319 (TR, MI, easyjet)
A320 (MI, TR, 3K, VX, VA, easyjet, Aeagen, JetBlue)
A321 (BA, Aeagen)
ATR 72 (firefly)
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