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Default Extension of award ticket after expiry date

Hi guys

Does anyone have experience with seeking an exceptional extension of the expiry date of an award ticket?

I have an one-way award ticket for which I would like to reschedule to a date after the 1 year ticket validity period. Getting a refund on the miles is not an option as this ticket was purchased using miles which were due to expiry.

Please do let me know if you somehow managed to secure an extension on award ticket validity in the past!

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I don't see any reason why contractually SQ should grant an extension. Without clarifying what "exceptional" reasons you may have, this seems to be a backdoor attempt at extending mileage validity
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I'm not sure if you are saying your tickets have already expired, if so I guess it's fair to assume you have no option.

If this is not the case... I can share my experience. I had an award ticket (2 actually for the same journey), the miles used to pay for them have since expired, so refund was not an option.

However before the validity of the ticket had expired (in my case the day before), I was offered the option to pay a small change fee and they re-issued the ticket with a validity for another year for the new dates in the future which were available (Suites saver). Therefore no loss of the miles that had expired, and we now have the same flights on a new date, also with the option to change the date again within the new ticket validity.

I am Solitaire but I don't believe that was the reason this option was offered.

Good luck.
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Hi AsiaCommuter

Yes, my ticket has not expired. It is actually the second leg of a partially flown ticket with a stop-over in Singapore, so I am not sure whether a reissue is an option. But thanks for the informative reply - I think it's worth a shot!
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Hijacking this thread a bit. I might have this question come up in March but on a revenue ticket. Outbound flown, my return keeps getting pushed out. Now likely to be outside the one year validity. Any experiences?
/Desert Traveller
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