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Default Can SQ topple UA as Apple's top account?

Came across this fascinating Twitter post: https://twitter.com/davidu/status/1083883116500942848

Banner apparently from UA that says:

Apple - Our largest global account (USD150M revenue)

Most important markets for Apple (presumably from SFO): (1) PVG (2) HKG (3) TPE (4) LHR (5) ICN (6) SIN (7) MUC (8) HND (9) PEK (10) TLV

- Our #1 market for Apple
- USD35M in revenue
- 25% of annual spending
- 50 business class seats daily (wow!!!)

Another banner mentioned other top 10 accounts for UA, but #2 is only about one-fifth of Apple's spend

A few initial thoughts:
- 50 biz UA class seats from AAPL each day is an insane number, makes me wonder if SQ's purchase of a substantial stake in MU had happened about 15 years ago, SQ is able to lay claim of this huge revenue pool
- Given that SQ operates (2) and (6) non-stop routes, I wonder how much business it gets from Apple
- Apple has a substantial presence in SG, so the latter's #6 route for Apple is not surprising; I wonder if that ranking could improve in the future as the SE Asia region growing prosperity take up some of the slack from Apple's market share loss in China (SG being the transit hub for SEA)
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