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This is a very unpopular move by the govt and the increase is a 27% from $34 to $47.30 which is a very high hike. However I do not agree to the increase as its for another 12 years before T5 even opens. It's like paying forward increase for the next 12 years when one may not even be doing much flying or not even flying at all in even the next 5 years down the road and not to say its for next 12 years! The govt can compare this to that of HK for the 3rd runway but for HK it be ready in 3 to 4 years time, bt ours is for 12 whole years. It's akin to paying a 27% increase in bus fares so that in future there be better buses?? The quantum 27% jump is very high indeed. It will be fair if the increase is levied when T5 opens. Paying ahead for 12 years is simply not right. And if the govt cannot fund such big ambition, then it ought to relook into the costs and grandiose of T5.
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