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Seats are regular economy class.

Ok legroom. (for me but not for anyone taller than 170cm)

Looking out of the windows to a breaking dawn, I could spot Air Moldova, the national airline. Itís relatively unknown but it seems to be doing well connecting passengers from western to Eastern Europe. I originally wanted to fly it from here to Rome but the connection with Saudia would have been just about an hour and 15 minutes and I wouldnít risk it.

On the other side is what appears to be the old terminal which doesnít seem to be in use.

And in the far distance, some retired soviet-era airliners.

A short while later, we were airborne above the rolling Moldovan countryside. Just like Georgia, whenever I think of Moldova now I think of wine ... lovely wines.

Inflight magazine of TAROM.

Its fleet of narrow bodies.

And its network. No intercontinental flights. Those are code-shares.

Bucharest is just 180 miles away, and a short 45 minutes flight away. But TAROM offers full cart service with complete variety of beverages. And itís all free! Just like in the good old days.

The array of items before the actual breakfast was passed on.

Breakfast was a very filling sandwich. With a snack bar.

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