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Default Changes effective 1 June 2009

In line with IATA’s new guidelines for meal definitions, some changes to the special meals available to all customers will take effect from 1 June 2009.

From 1 June 2009, these special meal options will cease to be available :
(i) High Fibre Meal
(ii) Low Protein Meal
(iii) Low Purine Meal
(iv) Oriental Meal

PPS Club members’ current special selection reflected in their account profile will still apply till 31 May 09.

A new PPS Club Meal Preference Form will also be available and all new submissions of meal preferences must be made on the new form, from 1 June 2008.

The new PPS Club Meal preference form can be downloaded by PPS Club members by logging in and clicking on ‘Customer Service’, followed by ‘Download Forms’.

Source: Singapore Airlines website (link)
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