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We began with cocktails…a “BBQ” Whiskey Sour for me, and a BL Nespresso Martini for Mrs yflyer...

Miss yflyer no.2 was not left out: she had a mocktail; No Gin Tonic.

Our cocktails were very expertly mixed, and quite delicious (Not something to take for granted for restaurants in Singapore!).

Given the name of the restaurant, we thought it would be important for us to order both the burgers and the lobster.

Miss yflyer no.2 ordered a Smoked BBQ burger, which she liked very much. You had a choice of medium or medium-rare. She ordered her burger medium. The burger came beautifully stacked, with a generously sized beef patty.

I had a bite and found it quite delicious.

As for Mrs yflyer and I, we decided on the Original Lobster. These were whole, Canadian lobsters, caught wild and imported live. These were of a decent size, with large claws, averaging 600g each.

“Would you like the lobster steamed or grilled?”, our cheerful waitress asked.

Hmmm…decisions….we did what any pair of indecisive diners would do: we ordered one of each.

These came beautifully presented on large platters…

These came with fries, salad and a lemon butter sauce…

Mrs yflyer and I exchanged half a lobster each, so that we could each try the grilled and steamed versions.

Mrs yflyer loved the smoky grilled flavours of the grilled lobster, whereas I found the clean, pure lobster flavours of the steamed version quite delicious, especially when dipped in the lemon butter sauce.

Since flying SQ to eat their BTC Lobster Thermidor was no longer an option at the moment, this wasn’t too bad a substitute!

Overall the lobsters had tender, juicy flesh, with massive claws that were really tasty.

The claws came pre-cracked, so getting at all that meat wasn’t too difficult. You were given one of these metal seafood implements as well to get at the hard-to-reach bits inside the shell too.

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