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Originally Posted by N_Architect View Post
August 2017 is now approaching its final days, the locals who live and work in the Athens area (centre and suburbs, incl. Piraeus) are gradually returning back from their summer holidays. So by the time the clock hits September 1st more or less all of them will have been back to their positions and the city of Athens will be much more busy than today. Athens is like Rome, which seems to empty out completely in the summer months.

Will heed the advice on helmets and road safety if we do rent a scooter on the islands. I am personally not too keen (Seen too many car cam videos of motorcycle accidents), but maybe if the traffic is very light, I might consider it.

We have decided to take the ferry from Athens / Piraeus to Mykonos. The ferry leaves at 7.30am. Any idea how early we need to be at the port? Should we risk collecting the tickets (Pre-booked online) on the morning itself, or should we pick them up the day before?
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