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A superb dinner. The cuisine was imaginative, refined and well executed, with both Western and Eastern elements harmoniously combined, without ever tasting gimmicky or contrived -- something not easy to accomplish!

The sake pairings were great at highlighting quite subtle, yet striking, differences between different sake's, something that isn't so apparent if you drink sake the typical way at a Japanese restaurant, where you typically finish a bottle among your party before choosing the next one. And of of course, I can't think of any meal that would not be enhanced by 6 different sakes over the course of an evening...

Portion-wise, I thought 6 courses was a reasonable sized dinner, although folks with bigger appetites could easily manage the 8 course omakase. If you are hungry and/or keen to go on a food and sake adventure, go for the 8 course!

A place I would recommend for anyone who enjoys either Japanese food or Spanish food (Ideally both...), not to mention anyone who is interested in sampling different kinds of sake in a non-traditional setting, as well as oenophiles who want a different sort of experience from typical wine-tasting/pairing dinners.

Thanks for reading!

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