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First course, chilled somen...

And then a very elegant, balanced sake... go with the uni (sea urchin) and ama ebi (sweet prawn), an inspired and very delicious dish...

The next sake was an exclusive bottling for BAM!, Minanogawa (男女川) junmai ginjo, from Ibaraki prefecture, a hand-pressed, unfiltered sake.

This was paired with Chilean sea bass in a creamy sauce, with tiny Japanese sea grapes as garnish.

And next, sake in a distinctive light blue bottle...

...served with a course of Spanish sea cucumber intestines with congee.

An amazing dish. This wasn't the typical sea cucumber you get in Chinese restaurants here, but the Spanish/Catalan espardenyes de mar. I never even knew sea cucumbers had intestines! I am not a fan of sea cucumber in general, but this dish was absolutely delicious!

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