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Default Singapore Dining - BAM! Restaurant - Spanish/Japanese Dishes with Sake Pairing

I had a very interesting and enjoyable dinner at BAM! Restaurant at Tras Street earlier this month.

The food here is innovative/modern, with inspiration from Spanish and Japanese cuisine. Chef Pepe Moncayo is Spanish, but his travels to Japan have inspired him to create very interesting dishes, as well as undertake a very serious exploration of pairing different kinds of sake with food.

The bar counter is a great spot to dine while watching the team prepare the food.

The dinner menu is an omakase menu (Essentially, you are at Pepe's mercy...), and if you are dining here, you would definitely want the sake pairing as well, since this is what the restaurant is about.

Apart from the dinner menu, there is a set lunch for $40, and a selection of a-la carte tapas.

Sake aside (There is a whole cellar of sake to choose from), there is also a decent wine list, with quite an emphasis on Spanish wines.

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