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even before and after the Airshow, have experienced long delays due to "congestion" on the runway - which is usually alway happen when only one runway is in use during the peak morning times. Just last wed on 7 Mar, my flight was suppose to take off at 1010am from T3. During my time in transit earlier I observed that runway 02L was open and in use for both landings and take-offs and I thought there be no delay. But alas when we were all boarded and ready for push back at 1005am, the pilot came on and say that there be a delay for our push back and then i look out and saw that runway 02L was closed. After some 20 mins wait we were pushed back and make our way to the runway holding point at which time there were quite few planes waiting for departure and we were number 7th. Finally by the time we entered the acive runway and begin our take-off roll it was 11.07am - which is more than an hour behind schedule. This is one of the longest delay due to the airport using only one runway during the peak period,and have experienced this many times but this was the worse as usually its about 35 to 40 mins behind schedule. The thing is, I wonder why the airport likes to shut down one runway usually 02L/20R between the peak hours of 930am onwards for whatever maintenance or checks? And why cant the airport close the runway during the early hours before the around 9am peak time? I still "marvel" at Changi's closing of one runway during the peak times on most occassions. It's no point even having 3 runways in future if Changi closes one of the runways during the busy period.

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