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Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
It is not about having a spare plane all the time, the main critieria is service recovery and how fast will the pax be told and meals and drink coupons to be issued asap for long delays, and how its ground staff or its agent ground staff respond to the delay. Scoot can also even arange the transfer fo some of the pax onto other airlines' flights - as what air asia have done before in a long delay. The recent delays have pax stranded up tp 4 days and even from Taipei took 2-3 days to recover the pax.

I think this is well said. It is not about spare plane. Firstly, they need to 100% sure that the plane is in good condition before it is airborne. If they can assure this, then no spare plane is needed.

Of course sh*t does happen, then how they will do recovery? maybe they should have Taiwan based crew and technician as they have some flights out of TPE.

In my opinion, it is the mind set. You cannot run a budget airlines with premium airlines mentality. It requires out of the box thinking.....
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