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Originally Posted by davidfusq View Post
The fifth freedom route obviously is to capitalise on greater demand between Taipei TPE and Busan PUS while at the same time providing direct service between SIN and PUS.

But as you said, a 1-stop service will not be competitive. So will better see how Air Busan performs before we see further interest from Singapore carriers.

I wonder if the FAs will have long stay over in SG or they would deadhead FAs on both sectors?

According to Korean news agencies, Eastar Jet (이스타 항공) will also be flying 14 "irregular" flights between 16th January and 7th February, 2019.

Eastar Jet will be flying their Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft on this route. Tickets will be available through their website.

Due to the long distance between Singapore and Busan, Air Busan is expected to cap the max passenger load to 130 passengers on their A321 aircraft. This means revenue and profit opportunities may be limited for Air Busan.

Various Korean carriers are vying for the PUS-SIN route authority from the relevant Korean bureau in-charge for dispensing route authorities. Profits can be expected for the airline that is awarded this route authority.
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