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Originally Posted by scooby5 View Post
I had a careful look of the place walking through T1 arrivals a week or two ago, then again from the taxi heading home.... whilst it's still dirty now etc. during construction, sorry, but the place is still a mess on the outside.

It is not pleasant to look at.

I just wonder how many drivers will get blinded by sunlight reflection off one of the panels that must surely aim a beam straight down the road. The first photos already give an introduction of what I mean, worse at dusk.
Originally Posted by ninervictor View Post
It also poses issues for ATC at the control tower
Originally Posted by cscs1956 View Post
I would be more worry on pilot get blinded by sunlight reflection. Think designer is likely to consider this before the project start.
Some years back, Singapore started with level 1 secure building for most important IT shop. Not sure if the same study been conducted for airport or any high security area like sea port etc.
Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
and even for aircrafts landing on runway 20-L/C during the afternoon where the shiny broght reflections of the Jewel's roof. It's a matter of time that something will be done to the Jewel's roof when it opens shortly next year.
Well, at most they add sunshades on the roof, something like the "durian spikes" in Singapore Esplanade theatre.
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