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Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
With 2 A380s out in maintenance and refitting at any one time, SQ have only 17 A380s to be used and with weather disruptions and technical issues, often when a 3rd A380 is AOGed, then the whole A380s flights goes out of syn and this resulted in the flyable A380s having to work much more than the average hours a day and hence could be a reason why more A380s are having tech issues. And with the Airbus discovery of the outer wing spars cracks, 4 of SQ's A380 have to be checked and this could have resulted in even fewer A380s available for flights.
And more importantly, there are 3 versions, so not easy to switch the aircraft. Unlike the 777-300ER or A350 which have standard seating arrangement.

Seem like after SKF is back, SKJ went into the hanger. So still only 5 version 1 A380 operating. SKF seem to be undergoig further check after she landed at Changi earlier. SKF was not deployed on SQ306.
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