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Originally Posted by jjpb3 View Post
Let's see if this parsing works. phaleesy, feel free to suggest an alternative title.
Goodness... I have started such a trivial thread! The OP is coming across as someone who whinges about very minor things! BKK taxi drivers are really not that bad, certainly much better than those in some other countries.

I was more concerned about getting enough rest during the layover and the feasibility of getting to/from the airport in that time. Having to deal with a dodgy taxi driver was an additional something which I did not want to cope with.

I think everyone has overlooked my more important question about a night layover!
Originally Posted by phaleesy View Post
Please suggest alternative activities for a single girl in BKK and I might reconsider! Are there places where I could take pictures of bright city lights like in Shinjuku and Times Square? I know there would always be eating places but I don't know where to go!
Besides the usual clubbing, drinking (not interested in these!) and naughty activities, what else could one do at that time of the night? Night markets? Where to eat?

Originally Posted by Kyo View Post
I'd dearly love to see our AOT friends in a tuk tuk! LOL!
What's wrong with a tuk tuk? I prefer scooters myself actually.

Originally Posted by jjpb3 View Post
Hi, I'm jjpb3. I'm an AOT limo pansy.
The hardy pansy species...

Originally Posted by HUGE AL View Post
And then there are those of us who utilize the hotel cars to relax after a long flight...and gain some additional points.
The slutty hot-house pansy species...
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