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Originally Posted by phaleesy View Post
If I arrive in BKK at 0110 in the morning and have a 1015am flight the next day, there's really not much to do except sleep!

Please suggest alternative activities for a single girl in BKK and I might reconsider! Are there places where I could take pictures of bright city lights like in Shinjuku and Times Square? I know there would always be eating places but I don't know where to go!
Arriving at that time rather than the earlier stated 22:30 arrival changes things somewhat and limits what you are able to do with your time. Although I would still go into town myself.

Originally Posted by jhm View Post
That's the clincher for me. I'd rather pay an extra 10 rather than take the risk. It's the same reason why I won't fly an airline with a dodgy safety record and I'm sure that risk is a lot lower than the risk of having an accident in a taxi.
Absolutely. For such a small amout the risk is just not worth it. Bangkok taxis are dangersous on the expressways to and from the airport. I don't need a debate to know this I've done the trips more times than I care to remember over the last 15 years, and it's a fact. I was very very lucky once in what was nearly my last trip in a taxi anywhere, and when I looked at the difference - about 10 GBP each way - and my annual travel spend I thought 'F*ck that, no more setbelt-less taxis and psycho drivers to and from the airport in Bangkok'. I value my life at more than 20 GBP return. It's worth at least double that.

I don't like spending more than is necessary on anything travel related, but this is a total no brainer, and to be honest I still wouldn't use those taxis if the difference was double or treble.
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