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Like sqdazz, I concur that the AOT service is for pansies (muahaha, MAN Flyer), and I also go upstairs to Departures and actually secretly hope I get a wannabe Lewis Hamilton cowboy driver who knows the limits of his souped-up green/yellow or pink taxi and how to avoid the rest of the traffic...

187THB later on the meter (non-expressway) was the fastest and cheapest ride I ever got to the LM (not including tolls, which cost 70THB more). He was so 'good' I gave him 220THB anyway. I think there's alot of fear-mongering about BKK taxi drivers in general, but it does depend quite a bit on the individual taking the ride, and also the political situation (lots of angst a few months back, for example, within the taxi community, so you have to know when to bargain and more importantly, stop bargaining... or insist on using the meter)!

It's very doable to get a 200THB ride (but it depends on your negotiating skill sometimes).

Paying 950THB each way is an absolute rort in my opinion and I'd absolutely refuse / never do that.
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