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Taxi cab cost to where? Town? Which hotel do you have in mind?

400THB generally will cover everything, including tollways ('tang duan'). If using regular freeways, then you'll save 70THB. Most of the time, I'm staying at the LM, which costs me around 320THB to get there. Depends of course on your taxi driver/route.

If I were you, I wouldn't take the later flight ex-ICN (it means an early start to the day for you in Korea). My SO, flat-out refuses to take a taxi by herself from the airport back home after 10pm... I've done it every single time, but I'm a guy, and haven't had any problems yet - there are a few taxi drivers who are a little dodgy, and no one can guarantee your safety (although I'm sure you know how to take care of yourself). You can also take an overpriced AOT 'limousine'/Camry and pay even more money, of course.

Otherwise, come in at 1am, and book the Novotel. You haven't left yourself many options.
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