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Actually, it is pretty easy to meet up at Changi, especially both of you will arrive in Terminal 1.
One strategy is to ask with gate agent prior to board the plane, the possible arrival will be at which gate. If no information yet, the easiest way is for the flyers who arrive earlier and/or get out earlier from the plane. I know as an F pax, it would be very quick to deplane. Meet at the gate.

There are two ways to clear immigration. If you are arriving at Gate F30 to 60s, you will get down escalator, where there is an info counter and Koi pond near by, or Transfer Counter F. If you arrive at gate E1 to E28, you will go down escalator near the Skytrain to T1, or Transfer Counter E. I think the shop near there would be Tumi and Mercedes.

Just in case you decided to meet at the baggage carousel, if you are at Terminal 2, you can meet at any of the baggage carousel... I think 3 carousels then Lost & Found Baggages area, then another 3 carousels ( I am sure J777 can correct me on how may carousels they are).

When you clear immigration, whether from one side or the other side, there will be a Duty Free Shop, just in case you are interested in shopping.

Note: Of course it will be a different story if one of your flight is for trial at the new Terminal 3.
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