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Originally Posted by 9V-SKU View Post
Got the same one today too. Curious how many people spend 140k+ each year on SIA?
You'd be surprised. We were aware of one guy who recently earned circa 840,000-ish PPSV.

Originally Posted by StarG View Post
Probably not many but quite a few.
I thought the mid tier benefits offers and milestones donít realy make sense.

60k = upgrade
Spend 15k more = upgrade
Spend 25k (why?) more = another upgrade
Spend 30k more = merely 2 double miles vouchers
And so on.

It makes more sense in my opinion, to just give an additional upgrade every 15k after 60k threshold. Simple and reasonable.
This is what happens when they can't make their mind up and decide what they want to do, hence why this went backwards and forwards for so long.

I'd happily swap the two stand-by upgrade I got a 60K PPSV for one confirmed one. As discussed I can't see me being able to use the stand-by ones, although I know someone on here who did, in Suites to LHR just before Christmas.
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