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A number of fails and disappointments...

New site seems to have killed off the PDF timetable. Call me old fashioned, but I like to have a document that shows me what is going on when all the interactive searches fail. And fail they have.

Go to the 'Where we fly' map. Leave the 'show partners' box unchecked. Apparently SQ now flies to NIM. Hope that route works out for them and capitalises on all the traffic between Niger and Singapore that has gone to competitors until now.

I checked the 'partners' box. I selected NKC as my origination and MEL as my destination. Clicked 'show flights'. None of the information populated into the next page and instead gave me "please select a valid departure city". Well maybe Nouakchott isn't a valid departure point, but then don't put it on your map!

I tried something easier for the little algorithms to manage. I thought that if I used SIN as my departure point, surely I could be connected to any city on the map. I picked SIN on the map and then clicked on Dakar. Up popped 'Dakar (DKR)' in the right field and it showed me a happy little curved line between the two cities. Clicked 'show flights'. "Please select a valid destination."

No, SQ, how about YOU select a valid destination!!!
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