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After breakfast, it was time to head to the pool for a swim...

We first headed up to the Flow18 pool for a quick dip.

The views were great from up here on the 18th floor, but boy was it windy and cold at that hour in the morning!

After a few minutes in the pool, we decided that we would be missing something if we did not also check out the other swimming pool at the JW Marriott, which was located on the 6th floor, at EBB6.

A quick chat with the staff member at Flow18 confirmed that the EBB6 pool was not full, and that we were ok to use the remainder of our allocated 45 minutes of swimming pool time in the other pool.

We dried off, put on our robes, and headed back down the lift. We crossed the 2nd floor walkway to an adjoining block, then caught another lift to the 6th floor, where EBB6 was...

It felt warmer, and lot less windy at the EBB6 pool...

The waters looked inviting...

We waded in...

This was great!

This was a slightly larger, and longer pool, with a great vibe. I thought the views from this pool were great too...

I could have spent all day lying on that wooden recliner!

There were also a couple of rocking chairs where one could relax and enjoy the view over the 6th floor balcony...

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