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Originally Posted by SQ228 View Post
I'm starting to wonder about the quality of these A350s though. I looked around the cabin and wondered what condition they will be in when they hit the 10 year mark.
I suppose you mean the cabin interiors, which wouldn't exactly be Airbus' fault (not all of it, anyway).

Also, it seems like its Airbus aircraft that are getting most of the issues. Notwithstanding that SQJ is a 772, but its....interesting that the Boeings generally seem (and i stress the seem, seeing as my sample size is only this thread) steady, while the (mostly) newer Airbuses are having problems. Of course, with the A380s the engineering complexity is far more, so that's one possible explanation. The A350 disruptions are worrisome as these are new, new aircraft. Hopefully its just teething problems.......
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