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Just stayed at this place for the first time.

The location will take a bit of getting used to, not least for taxis as none of the drivers used over the last 24 hours knew of it and getting a taxi to come back to Changi meant a 20 minute wait. It is right above Bugis MRT, which is a plus for getting around but I know another SQTalker who stayed there during the new products launch has already declared it no good and gone back to the GH.

The actual hotel itself is very nice, as you would expect from a brand new property. I got a triple upgrade to an 'Andaz Large Suite', and was the first guest to stay in one, so they said, as they were only handed over to revenue a few days ago. I have to say it was a spectacular place, but so big it was somewhat wasted on a single person on a one night stay, although the latter point is probably why I got it in the first place.

We had a few drinks in their Rooftop Bar, Mr Stork, last night and that was a pleasant enough place with very nice views. If the Korean bar staff had a better command of English they may have managed to sell more drinks. The dining set up is slightly strange with a number of separate places to choose, which is somewhat object defeating when the one you choose is then announced as closed as the moment as the staff are working in one of the other places.

All in all it's a decent second option for Hyatt members in Singapore, which is long overdue to be honest. Would I start staying there instead of the GH ?. I am sure I will, occasionally, and definitely if I will got one of those Andaz Large Suites every time. But that decision rests as much on what Hyatt decides to do with their loyalty programme going forward because at the moment they seem to be doing their level best to piss many of us off. It also depends what Starwood/Marriott do with their programme as well.
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