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Originally Posted by Jumbojet Lover View Post
The trend in airline liveries in recent years seem to be "understated simplicity", or "less (colours) is more". Virgin Atlantic removed blue from their livery, Cathay Pacific ditched the red from their livery and kept green, Qantas simplified their kangaroo logo (though they re-introduced a stripe down the tail, in silver this time), Air Canada did away with their winter-green livery with a 3D effect maple leaf for a more sterile look with solid colours...

Maybe this is a general design trend for cleaner lines, flatter surfaces that no longer have shading to look 3D, and fewer colours in iconography? For example, look at the evolution of Apple's logo and iOS icons in the past 10 years.
My sentiments exact.
LH's new livery is soulless.. I still can't believe they decided to simply remove their distinct yellow.

On another note, seeing as how SQ's management has been making a lot of dumb impulsive decisions these days, I hope their "infinite wisdow" will not tell them its time for a livery change, you know like "Cathay, Qantas and Lufthansa have changed their liveries! Singapore Airlines must change its livery too!"
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