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well the OP is referring to SIN-BKK flights. so whether its AVOD or Non-AVOD isn't that huge an issue.

I did a quick search on antonakis and the little data there suggests that SIN-BKK 772 services are usually operated by the 9V-SQ* series. haven't seen an indication of the 772ER 9V-SV* series on the route.

if one is talking about regional 3 class 772s, i don't think there's much difference in terms of seating product. if anything, the 777-300 is a larger plane so you may have more passengers on board, or maybe more empty seats.

its a toss up, but i don't think there's much in it. Original Poster might be better off doing an availability search on and seeing which flight is emptier. if the flight is empty might have a better chance of having the entire row to yourself. that's comfort at its max in Y class.

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