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Originally Posted by FlyingDobber View Post
Perhaps I should take back my complaint to Changi?!?!
Definitely not, we need to keep the pressure on or they'll do nothing about it!. Changi is the place that enjoys boasting about how highly rated it is remember, so it's got to be pulled up when this stuff is going on.

Originally Posted by boing View Post
I think the main reason for all these delays is the lack of manpower in the ground handling companies. Manpower growth has not rised in tandem with air traffic growth. Wages have been stagnant( as with almost every blue collar jobs in SG) the past 10+ years and benefits have slowly eroded away.
Airport authorities are trying to solve this issue with technology( autonomous vehicle) but personally, I feel this is all in vain and these lengthy delays for baggages would remain for some time to come.
You could be right about that. To be honest from a purely selfish perspective I am not bothered about how long luggage takes as most of the time I am hand luggage only.

The immigration queue's however....
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