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Originally Posted by 9V-SPL View Post
Do you have the registration of the EK A380 stored in MEL?
Unfortunately, no. It's parked so far out that you'd have to get lucky and have your plane taxi right past it to see. It's the bizarre location that it's in which puzzles me most.
Originally Posted by Sethor View Post
Could it be due to DXB runway works? They have temporary cut frequencies on a lot of routes because of this.
I guess it could make sense that they are looking for parking space around the world.

I have determined where it seems to be parked and here is a link:!3m1!1e3?hl=en
I'm surprised anything can be parked out on a runway system though. I have always just assumed that places like these needed to be kept clear for operational safety. An A380 is a somewhat large obstacle! I'm also having another guess here, that one wouldn't park an A380 on grass, especially during winter, meaning it would have to be on some form of tarmac? I'm not an expert with these requirements in any way.
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