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Originally Posted by MAN Flyer View Post
Didn't realise there was an offer on at the moment. Got a link ?.

I remember them giving QPP's and TPP's status with Shangri La a few years ago, which I used a few times, but not noticed anything since.
Apologies MAN Flyer, I haven't been monitoring this thread for a while (which I started!) but I do have two good bits of news:

Yes I have a link:

After I had no luck with the staff at Hotel Jen in BNE, I received an email a couple of days later announcing my upgrade to Emerald with Golden Circle. It's a rather complicated process, but you must first register for the 12 month tier match. Then you must stay at a GC property under a "qualifying rate" (no details as to what is or isn't qualifying) and then upon leaving that hotel, your status upgrade is then granted. So I wasn't able to enjoy any benefits during my 3 night stay in BNE, but fortunately I have bookings in SIN and PEK in the next couple of months.

The wording of the offer is so nebulous that it's hard to understand when you'll qualify.

You become a Golden Circle Gold member on enrolment. In addition, you will enjoy an accelerated upgrade to Golden Circle Jade membership when you stay for one night (on a qualifying rate) at any Shangri-La hotel and resort, Kerry hotel, Traders hotel or Hotel Jen worldwide.
Please note that you must be an eligible member of both loyalty programmes and have successfully registered for tier-matching prior to your flight or stay, in order to enjoy the accelerated upgrade. You will receive your tier match within six to eight weeks following the date of registration or date of meeting the upgrade criteria.
I had registered well in advance of 8 weeks and by my second night at the hotel I had already stayed one night. Marketing speak is an interesting dialect of English.

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