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Default COVID-19 Era Travel on SQ: An SQTalker's Experience

Like the vast majority of Singaporeans, I have been grounded since early this year. Essential travel has taken place for some individuals, either folks heading back to Singapore from overseas, and more recently some limited business travel.

At this point, my wings are still clipped, but fellow SQTalker Tonitan has just resumed travel, and has been kind enough to share some pictures and commentary of his current trip, so that we can have an idea of what the COVID-19 era travel experience is like out of Changi, and on SQ.

This TR is in fact happening in real-time, with Tonitan on his trip, sending photos, and I'll endeavour to post these as his trip progresses.

Thanks very much, Tonitan for giving us a glimpse of what travel is like at this time, and stay safe! And feel free as well to add your own posts and comments to this thread as we track your progress here on SQTalk!
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