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Originally Posted by bubbles View Post
Hello all. I've been quite out of touch with KF (Even tho miles are being accumulated) and I received the above email a while ago. Can anyone clarify the point about waitilisting for redemption flights will be available up to 3 weeks before departure bit?

I checked the FAQ (extracted below) - what was the 'before' state prior to this announcement?
Before state— no cancellation. Waitlist expired when flight departed. So you keep on check n wait and have no idea whether flights will be confirmed or not

Now — they will tell you 2 weeks before flight departure whether your waitlist is successful or not. If not successful, it will be cancelled n you can make alternative arrangements. But I think they will still allow new waitlist within 2 weeks of departures after old waitlist are cancelled. (Thus if your waitlist is cancel, you can place new one. But chance are small). I might be wrong. It will be weird if SQ does not allow new waitlist within 2 weeks.
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