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Originally Posted by GLAM82 View Post
Was cycling along the Coastal road earlier this afternoon and while at a rest stop, I saw this B747 flying low and looked to be landing but then later saw it do a go around and then subsequently land on the other runway. The call sign was DUB8 Dubai Air Wings.

Just curious if anyone knew what that was all about
That was Dubai Air Wing B747-412F (A6-GGP) doing an air-test. It is former 9V-SFH of SQ Cargo.

It also did another air-test the next day (23MAR14) and departed for Dubai at 1107 today (25MAR14).

The Air India B787 (VT-ANG) was operating AI380/381 (22MAR14) but for some reason was delayed and eventually departed almost 30 hours late the next day (23MAR14).
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