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Default East Coast Park from above and below...

Just flew home on SQ607 ICN-SIN yesterday. This was a great opportunity to snap more pictures of the East Coast jogging/cycling route from the Seafood Centre / Cable-ski lagoon area right to Changi Coast Road / Park Connector to Changi Beach Park.

And not long after landing, after 6 hours sitting in a metal tube, I couldn't resist heading out for a run along that same park...

So what follows is a view from above, as well as from below...

The past few weeks, aircraft arriving into SIN have been mostly approaching Changi Airport from the South, landing at either 02L or 02C, and this gives great views to those on the window seats on the left side (i.e. the "A" side) of aircraft on final approach.

This was the case for SQ607 yesterday, which landed at about 2.35pm yesterday. Great approach into Singapore with nice views of the shipping and coastline to be had out the left side, except that it was a fairly hazy day, which meant that the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and city skyline were mostly obscured by the haze on the way in.

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