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Originally Posted by concept|infinit View Post
Always wondered why SQ even bothers with a lounge in KUL since all their flights end up in SIN, effectively a 30-minute flight away.. Rather than build a lounge in somewhere like NRT where they offer Suites/First.
A slightly strange way of looking at the situation.

SQ have a lounge in KUL as it is one of the largest/busiest markets with a large number of pax going through there per week, many with status. By your logic why have a lounge anywhere outside SIN as almost every flight ends up there?. The length of the flight dictates what is served on board, which in the case of KUL is virtually nothing. NRT is a *A hub and they must deem the NH lounge to be decent enough, unlike TG's lounges at BKK.

Until quite recently SQ really either didn't 'get' lounges or the old arrogance of thinking they were alone on a high pedestal meant they didn't need to bother as most were generally poor. The fame of the old SKL F at T2 years ago was only on the back of them serving Dom or Krug in there, and that got royally abused by many people (including a few long standing members of this place ) buying an F ticket to KUL (ironically) or the old system of PPS sectors, and thus much easier to qualify, and the PPS programme previously allowing QPP's in J access to the SKL F.
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