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Originally Posted by FN-GM View Post
I am convinced we won't see any regional configured A350s. The 787's will be used on all the regional work (replacing the 777-200, 777-300 and A330s). I think the A350s will be used for long haul and eventually replace the 777-200ER, 777-300ER plus a few extra for more capacity. The 777X will replace the A380. The delivery schedule of all these new aircraft is over a number years and the figures and dates seem to fit with my predictions.

Although we still may still see long haul A350s on regional routes like we do now.

My bet is that the 787 will have a flat bed J and will deployed to BNE first freeing up an A350.
Totally agree with you. I think that perhaps we will never get to see SMA in the fleet at the same time as the last A350 being delivered to SQ, similar to how we never quite had the entire A330 fleet in SQ at the same time, or all 77 777s that SQ ordered back in the 90s...

I also think that similar to the current regional J seats, the new one will be a lower-cost off the shelf option that is flat bed but of higher density than the long-haul J seats. Staggered seating such as QF's seem to be the best compromise between density, direct aisle access and still offering a flat bed. I personally do not like the other type of staggered seating that EK (A380s), TG (A380s and 77Ws) use.
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